Records stalled with the completion of the 2018 Michaela Chevrin with the success of the Slalom

Michaela Sheffrin began in 2018 with New Year’s Day victory in Oslo. This ended with the biggest World Cup victories by any competitor in a calendar year, surpassing the fetish of her childhood as the most successful table tennis racetrack in history. Her win in the semifinal race on Saturday in Summering in Austria is the 15th American win at the 2018 World Cup in 2018 and 36 in the zig-zag, beating Austrian Marlies Shield. Did not come easily. Under pressure from London rival Petra Vlhova, Schwerin stopped the Slovakian by 0.29 seconds after playing twice on Zoberberg, while Swiss Wendy Holdner was third. View the picture on Twitter Mikaela Shiffrin ✔MikaelaShiffrin Marlies, Thank you so much for my inspiration. Without you, I will not be where I am today. If I could inspire any young athlete as much as I was inspired, then I would know I had done my job in this sport. #IAmYourBiggestFan More ideas about FB: 1,614 8:56 PM – 29 December 2018 176 people talk about Twitter ad information and privacy is a disappointing fifth place in the previous day’s long zig-zag. The race won by Vlhova, left the seeds of doubt. But Sheffrin has confirmed her dominance in the slalom to win the 51st World Cup in all disciplines. Mikael Shifrin misses the opportunity to win the 51st World Cup in Austria and has drawn her out of a 14-year tie, a record she took with Austrian star Marcel Herscher, who also proved to dominate the race in 2018. The first day in Oslo, Where he will seek to win the parallel paragliding race in the Norwegian capital for the second time in a row and begin in 2019 in a similar way. For someone who claims to care only about a few records, Shiffrin’s balance is great but not his main driving force. “It distracts you a bit,” Shevrein told reporters after her last win. “Because I do not chase these records and sometimes I find them in my head just like I have to think about records and the thing that helps me to ski quickly is to focus on my skiing.” Shield, who claimed her victories in 10 years from 2004 until her retirement in 2014, was an inspiration to Sheffrin in her formative years. Michele Chevrin of the United States celebrates her record win at the World Cup in Summering, Austria. “She was the best contestant for the slalom in this generation, and I will not be here if I do not want to be inspired,” she said. “I hope that my record will not be recorded forever, because that means I inspired some girls as much as Marliss inspired me and then the sport came to a new level.” Schwerin has won 13 of the last 14 World Cup matches, including two parallel approaches, and has played every five rounds this season, including a parallel game. Only the great Injmar Stenmark stands in front of her to win the World Cup in general in discipline, the Swede totaling 40 in his career. Eurosport UK ✔Eurosport_UK The first skier to win 15 races in the World Cup within a year The most successful Slalom racer for women at all times (36 wins in the World Cup) MikaelaShiffrin Smash the helix in the semidering 73 3:31 pm – 29 December 2018 28 people talking about information Twitter ads and privacy, Vlhova appeared as her main opponent and approached a surprise as she made progress in the second half almost collected by Shiffrin in the first half dominated. “I think the important thing is that I was at a really good start, so I had little time to play with him,” Schwerin said. Schwerin, a close of 500 points from Volhova in the overall standings of the World Cup after winning two wins in the G-Super race and a major victory in the slalom to show how diverse it is expected to record more numbers in the future. Dominique Paris of Italy won the G-Class gold in Bormio at Stellieu Stadium to complete a double race on the pitch. Dominique Paris was another runner-up to finish the 2018 high-level win, confirming his dominance at Stelvio Stadium in Bormio to win the World Gold Cup, the men’s World Cup final. for more news, features and videos. He finished a stunning show on the sloping snow for Italian, who lost the slope on Friday and now has a record in four World Cup matches. Paris beat Olympic champion Matthias Mayer of Austria with Norwegian Alexander Amodt Kilde in third place.


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