Sydney-Hobart: Wild Oats XI keeps line honors crown after protest rejected

Wild Oats XI was officially confirmed with the 2018 Rolex Grand Prix at the Hobart Race after the race was deemed invalid after Saturday’s race. The protest was made after captain Blackjack owner Peter Harburg said wild oats violated the race rules by not running the AIS throughout the race, leaving competitors in doubt about its exact location. . According to the claim, the Sydney Race Commission made the protest, but an international jury, based in Hobart, ruled outside the system. “The race commission’s investigation was wise, but under these circumstances the protest is valid under the rules of sailing, a competitor with information about a potential breach of rule that must be lodged,” a Sydney official told Hobart. website. Rolex Sydney Hobart Official website The decision was welcomed by Wild Oats XI Communications and its leader Mark Richards. “I think the logic has prevailed,” he told ABC television. View the picture on Twitter Wild Oats XI ✔WildOatsXI The Wild Oats XI-line victory in the 74th version of the Rolex Sydney Race was rejected to the Hobart Yacht Race. The Oatley family is looking forward to sharing the yacht at the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race next year. #wildoatsxi #RolexSydneyHobart 147 5:57 AM – 29 Dec 2018 46 people talk about this information about Twitter and privacy Wild Oats XI scored the ninth limit after a four-year win, with his win in 2014 followed by forced retirement in 2015 and 2016, the death of owner Oatley Bob Oatley then more than last year when Richards and his crew were stripped of victory. The first line of the game was maintained by second-placed Comanche for the near-collision. Wild Oats XI received a controversial one-hour penalty and slipped to second place. Wildcat chief Mark Mark Richards holds the trophy high after winning the ninth title in the 2018 Sydney Yacht Race to Hobart. With the lowering of temperature and other errors still vivid in his memory, Richards had emotionally given his first reaction after winning a powerful quadrival battle of supermaxis to take this honors honor trophy. View the picture on Twitter Rolex Sydney Hobartrshyr “Redemption, guys … the day of salvation …” Marx Richards shouted gleefully at the cheerful crowd on the sidewalks. More on @ WildOatsXI Gets a great victory line this morning:… 52 4:58 AM – 28 Jan First, 2018 20 people talking about this Twitter privacy information and the privacy of “redemption for us, that’s for sure.” Last year, it was very disappointing, “Richards told reporters. “Whether people like it or not, it’s the tenth time of Wild Oats XI on this line, no matter what anyone else says … After an event like last year and coming out of it and redeeming yourself is a great feeling, money can” buy u “. Val, the widow of Otley, the official site of the race that the win ended with “three years of misery to the moment.” The wild demons XI and Comanche exchanged the lead after leaving Sydney Harbor on the day of the boxes, with other supermaxis Black Jack and Infotrack also in a strong competition. Wildcat Mark Mark Richards scored the trophy high after winning the ninth title in the 2018 Sydney Yacht Race to Hobart The low winds in the Basque Strait mean that the record for one day, nine hours, 15 minutes and 24 seconds developed by Comanche last year was not threatened, but made it an unexpected result. Wild Oats XI won its surprise at the time Early on Thursday to take the lead in the final time, but all four supermaxis were still in the chance to win the final extension down the River Derwent with a light and volatile wind.In the 2017 Black Jack pipped the Comanche to win second place in the Hobart final. Blackjack finally finished in second place, a 28-minute lead from Wild Oats XI and just one minute on the commach. Infotrack came in fourth, late 42 minutes to confirm the near battle. Then came the news of the protests, which threatened to deny Wild Oats XI victory for the second consecutive year. Sydney to Hobart 2018: Battle of Supermaxis to honor the line In addition to the fastest and biggest yacht battle, the race to win the mass, the best performance on disability as the size of the boat, unfolded with the end of the small ships of the harsh test. Last year’s winner, Matt Allan Ichi, was 10th in the overall standings for the Tattersall Cup, but the fifth-placed Alive was finally announced after two days to confirm their win. The race is called the Bluewater Classic, and the Sydney to Hobart annual race of the most challenging races in the yacht calendar with the existence of the Bass Strait between the Australian mainland and Tasmania


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