A nuclear tyrant or a statesman? Kim Young-en’s plan for the 2019 game North Korea is waiting

Kim Jong-un shocked the world in 2018 by transforming his image from a nuclear-armed tyrant into a world statesman. So what made him complete his pack for 2019? Analysts believe the key keys will emerge during his annual New Year’s speech – essentially the North Korean version of the Union case in the United States. The experts will be watching any mention of a second summit with US President Donald Trump or anything related to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. Kim can also unveil major decisions on economic policy and inter-Korean relations. In a sign of his new diplomatic push, Kim sent a letter to South Korean President Mon Jae-un on Sunday. In this regard, Kim expressed regret that he could not visit Seoul in 2018, but expressed his strong desire to travel to the capital of South Korea in the future. Few expect Kim to shake the boat significantly in Tuesday’s speech. Many believe the young leader holds some of the best cards for all the geopolitical players who have a stake in the future of the Korean Peninsula. Most do not expect Kim to risk being held in a speech addressed to a local audience. “He has the United States and South Korea where they want them now,” said Evans Revere, former US assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs and senior Albright Stonebridge official. North Korea’s diplomatic achievements in 2018 could not have been envisioned a year ago. In the run-up to Kim’s new year 2018 speech, Pyongyang tested its longest-range missiles to date and the most powerful nuclear bomb, after months of similar weapons tests and defamation between North Korea and the United States. Few could have predicted that the following year, Kim will meet Moon three times, leave his country for the first time since taking office in 2011, and become the first North Korean leader to sit face to face with a seated US president. South Korea’s train heading north for the first time in the decade 1:13 began this dramatic transformation entitled New Year. Kim spoke warmly about the importance of inter-Korean relations and wished his South Korean citizens the opportunity to host the Winter Olympics in Pyongchang. Moon will continue to seize the olive branch in Kim as an opportunity to launch cross-border relations. “It was an important, critical and central document on understanding North Korea’s playing plan and North Korea’s intentions,” Revere said. “I have never seen a play plan in a more transparent way than in that speech.” In the past two years, Kim has embarked on rhetoric that has revealed major political decisions and given rhetorical hints about what the rest of the world expects from his country next year. In 2017 he used the rhetoric to say that his country was close to testing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) – the kind necessary to deliver a nuclear weapon to the continental United States. Pyongyang went to test three ballistic missiles in that year. 20:20 Young New Year leader Kim Jong-un opened in 2018 in 2018 by offering to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, but also vowed to produce large quantities of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and Washington’s warning that a handful of nuclear launches were “always on Office in my office “. Recent reports by open source intelligence analysts seem to confirm that North Korea has not stopped working on its weapons program, although Kim has kept his promise not to test missiles or nuclear bombs. Although continued work on these weapons may violate the spirit of the Kemp and Kim summit in Singapore, North Korea has not committed to halting all work on its nuclear program in 2018. The two leaders agreed to begin rebuilding bilateral relations and bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula. With regard to nuclear weapons, North Korea has committed itself to “working towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” a vague term that experts say Washington and Pyongyang interpret differently. North Korea says nuclear threat remains 11:43 Critics accuse Trump’s administration of failing to persuade Pyongyang to sign anything specific. North Korea has not agreed on any timetable for abandoning its nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles, nor has it committed to declaring its main weapons and facilities, which experts say are necessary in any disarmament talks. The experts will be watching any mention of the nuclear program in next year’s speech, especially if he makes his tone of the challenge in this year’s speech – when Kim says “no power and nothing” can reflect his country’s gains in nuclear weapons. Development. “He said this in January, but he took part in this diplomatic process with the United States,” said Doyon Kim, an associate fellow at the new US Security Center. “It will be interesting to see how Pyongyang negotiates to go forward because Kim Jong-un claimed this year that no one can change his nuclear system


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