“Titan James,” masked singer “launch chase to hit the next reality

Can the rock – or the masked singing sing – produce another real TV song? Obviously, the major networks, which need one, hope to ring in 2019. This week brings two major offers to competition, the kind that produced past foods such as Survivor and American Idol. It is landing at a time when network ratings are going down, while some unregistered privileges that once benefited viewers have begun to show the decline that comes with age. Titan James, produced and presented by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is essentially a combination of enormous obstacle-like challenges – using an innovative theme for the Olympus Pavilion – bearing a similarity to the one-time co-pilot hit “American Wrestlers.” At the same time, Fox is trying to fill the void left by Idol in his class with “The Masked Singer”, a strange musical show, where celebrities (or those who described it, as identities did not reveal) in the ornate costumes singing in front of the panel and the audience, You should try to identify them based on performance and hidden keys. If the concepts seem extraneous, they are, at a time when they are content enough with established entitlements to provide hope that they may be able to penetrate, in the same way as “voice”. But that was in 2011, and while there were other unwritten successes – such as NBC’s Little Big Shots – there’s no other real competition since then. Inevitably, the search for visits also includes access to the future. The US network, for example, is reviving the “Island of Seduction” – an early-dating program sparked controversy when it premiered on Fox in 2001 – in mid-January. Certainly, Dwayne Johnson in the Titan Games Johnson brings the power of the stars to the Titan Games, while placing almost a mathematical record on only part of the preview that was available for preview. “I wanted to redefine what sports competition could be,” he says, noting that the challenges that surround it – such as names like “Hercules Polly” – are “inspired by the training that fed me.” Based on a South Korean format, Nick Cannon hosts Nick Cannon with Ken Jong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Sherzinger and Robin Thikty, who serves as judges, and offers a lot of broad response shots to the celebrity participants – who, one after the other, Judiciary Tours. Based on a sample of the two displays, both have a fairly high degree of energy, if not much in the way of creativity. What the “masked singer” was doing was so restless – some costumes look like monsters from the powerful Power Rangers – which, if history is any evidence, may not wear well when wearing a suit. “It’s up to those who want it more,” Johnson says dramatically, like a football analyst during a Titan Games event. Networks clearly want another bad reality to come, but based on recent history, the creation of a new one represents a different kind of achievement. If these performances do not work, masked singers may not be the only ones who tend to conceal their faces. “The Masked Singer” premiered on January 2 at 9pm. On Fox. The premiere of “Titan Games” begins on January 3 at 8 pm. On NBC.

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