The most disappointing movies and TV of 2018

There are a lot of bad movies and television every year, and with a lot of production, 2018 was not an exception. But only a few unspeakable errors come with this kind of concept, or descent or creativity that would increase expectations, but only to put them down. This version publishes a film such as “Fifty Shades Freed” of inclusion, because honesty would have happened had it not been bad. So, in return for the worst, what are the most disappointing films and TV shows of 2018? Here is one of the critics of a comprehensive list of projects that raised those fearsome thoughts of the time spent watching that you will never return – wherever possible, to assemble criminals. “The Cloverfield Paradox”: The Netflix dropped the bomb as a surprise on the Super Bowl night, but only after watching it, it became clear why Paramount, behind him, decided to reduce his losses by choosing not to unleash this. The scientific exercise of the imagination on the theaters. Melissa McCarthy: The Melissa McCarthy and many of the slut dolls – from director Brian Henson, the son of musical master Jim Henson – looked much better on paper, or perhaps felt, than the movie on the screen , Resulting in an overbearing comedy chaos at most levels. “The Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” “The Jurassic World: The Falling Kingdom”, “Venom”, “The Predator”: Sometimes the big stupid movies are unfairly defeated, but even in this context they are rarely bigger or stupider than the three – Consists of a pair of high-level sequences and an extension of a man spider man who has largely wasted the concepts and talent installed. “Life itself”: Dan Fogelman, creator of the content “This is the United States,” sought to put his “We’re All Connected” to the big screen, while making a false film that angered rather than tears. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”: Disney took stabs in the establishment of great fantasy adventures directed at young people around adolescent girls (and the other is the same disappointing result) wrinkles in time “), Although she was not terribly awesome, she was caught together, but she felt bloated Hallmark movies and clear time littering Natalie Portman in “Vox Lux”: Natalie Portman’s rock star was supposed to be blunt, but Although some critics were delighted by his style, it was difficult to overcome the apparent surplus (starting with the event Ione Skye, Jennifer Garner in “Camping” “Camping”: Girls’ producers picked up a good team, led by Jennifer Garner, to adapt HBO to a British strike that did not give a small incentive to come indoors. “Heathers” “Heathers” “: The adaptation of the Paramount Network with the dark 30-year-old comedy has led to a bad series that has been completely silent, turning children from historically dominant groups into bullies. Marta Higeda, Joel Kinnaman at Carbon Alterd, Carbon Alter, Carter Alterd, Philip Kick Dick Dreams Dreams: This three series of science fiction series comes with an intriguing literary foundation. A novel by “The Game of Thrones” by George RR Martin, novel by Richard K. Morgan, short stories and a prolific dick. Unfortunately, all fell into a short stage of implementation, resulting in a dark but confused drama. “The Romanoffs”: Matthew Weiner looks at the creative line brought to him by the “mad man” and turned him into similar and animated selections, with each episode loosely related to the ominous Russian royal family. Did you make the view viewable? Nyet. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in “The X-Files” “The X-Files”: The previous season ended on Clifford Gharib, but the last post descended from there – giving the signal that the main fact is that this great privilege once surpassed the date End.


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