France summons ambassador to Italy after “impoverishment of Africa”

France summons Italy’s ambassador for comments in May
Abu Dhabi – Sky News Arabic
The French foreign ministry summoned Italy’s ambassador to France on Monday to protest against statements by an Italian official accusing Paris of “impoverishing Africa.”

“The French Foreign Ministry summoned the Italian ambassador to the background of the statements of Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi de Mayo, in which he said that France caused the impoverishment of the African continent, which eventually aggravated the crisis of immigrants.

“The director of the minister’s office summoned Iriza Castaldo following unacceptable and unjustified statements made by Italian officials yesterday,” the office of the French minister in charge of European affairs, Natalie Lozou, said.

De Mayo expressed the hope that the EU would impose “sanctions” against countries that he said were behind the tragedy of migrants in the Mediterranean by “displacing” them from Africa, starting with France.

“If today there are people who are leaving because some of the European countries, first and foremost France, have not stopped colonizing dozens of African countries,” said de Mayo, leader of the anti-institutional 5-star movement that is ruling with the extreme right wing of Matteo Salveni.

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According to De Mayo, who is also Italy’s economic development minister, “there are dozens of African countries in which France prints a local currency and finances French public debt.”

“If France did not have African colonies because that is the right name, it would be the 15th economic country in the world, while it is among the first to do what it does in Africa,” he said.

Relations between Rome and Paris have been tense since the extreme right came to power in Italy in June 2018.

De Mayo and Interior Minister Salveni strongly supported the move of “yellow jackets” against President Emmanuel Macaron’s social policy.

Salfini accused Macron of ruling “against his people” and went so far as to wish for his departure. “The closer he leaves, the better,” he said.

The Italian government also demands that Paris extradite 14 Italians wanted for terrorism, who fled to France.


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