An Egyptian report reveals the spread of the phenomenon of the “child bomb” in Africa

Boko Haram conducts systematic attacks in Nigeria
Aya Rady – Cairo – Sky News Arabic
The Observatory of Taffiri Fatwas and the hardline views of the Egyptian Fatwa House revealed that Al Qaeda and Da’ash organizations in Africa are increasingly exploiting children to carry out terrorist attacks.
Africa is home to more than 75 percent of the total number of children living in conflict zones around the world, with the number of attacks involving terrorist groups on the continent between 2010 and 2018 more than 300 percent.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recently confirmed this in its report on the impact of conflicts in Africa on children and warned that they had been targeted by extremist organizations in a phenomenon known as the “booby-trapped child”.

The observatory pointed out that the extremist organizations are exploiting children “to fill the shortage of fighters,” pointing to the ease of dissemination of ideological ideas among young people.

He added that “Caliphs of the Caliphate”, the name given to children who drink the thought of extremist organizations, are based on ideas of fighting mentally and physically to carry weapons.

 Boko Haram Chen attacks the Nigerian army
Boko Haram Chen attacks the Nigerian army

The report noted the exploitation of the organization of “Boko Haram” in the west of Africa for children to a large extent recently, to carry out suicide operations, while UNICEF confirmed that the recruitment of children doubled more than 3 times since 2010, and used the organization more than 135 children to carry out terrorist attacks on Army camps and Nigerian villages.

The extremist organization abducted a large number of children and enslaved many of the girls. The West Point Counterterrorism Center in the United States noted that Boko Haram had used children in 434 suicide bombings since 2010 and so far.

The report said that Central Africa has also seen recruitment of children by extremist organizations. In Somalia, UNICEF has also indicated that at least 200 children have been recruited at least once a month, especially by the Somali al Shabaab and the Daqash organization.

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The report said al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb recruited and used children in its armed operations in Mali to fight against the anti-terrorism forces there, where children with arms were spotted along with the organization’s fighters.

In the same context, terrorist organizations in Africa had recently abducted children from Christian families for the purpose of using them in suicide bombings, both in bombs and in explosive belts, especially Boko Haram.

The Observatory considered that the phenomenon of “Caliphs of the Caliphate” in Africa has increased recently because of the problems of poverty and wars in the continent, and recommended the need to raise awareness of the dangers of violations of terrorist organizations against children and work to curb this destructive phenomenon.


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