EU countries begin their season of “conflict of Arush”

With European finance ministers on Monday looking for a successor to the European Central Bank president, whose term expires in May, new chapters of the conflict game “Arash” will begin on the continent.
According to Bloomberg, the choice of the European Central Bank president’s successor is nothing more than a flood of economic and political crises in Europe. There are other hot spots for European officials this year.

In addition to the appointment of a European Central Bank chief who plays a pivotal role in the bloc’s fiscal policy, a president of the European Commission is expected to be appointed this year as divisions become more and more common among member states on a range of other issues.

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European Union finance ministers are heading to tax policy, the eurozone budget, as well as discussing stalled plans for a common bank deposit insurance system.

In the past decade, deep reforms have been made in Europe so that the euro remains resilient, but financial indicators from Germany and Italy over the past week have shown the risk to banks and public coffers.

As Britain is stuck without a horizon in its efforts to leave the European Union, following Parliament’s rejection of Prime Minister Teresa Mae’s plan, London will be an additional source of controversy.

Bloomberg says the governments of the EU member states are different about the time frame for Britain to start the process of getting out of the bloc. All Mai got was some soothing words from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Meanwhile, French Finance Minister Bruno Lemerre will try to salvage a merger between Alstom and Siemens during a visit to EU Commissioner for Competitiveness Margaret Feasger, but the timing may be too late, according to Bloomberg.

On the other hand, different EU member states on the formula of forcing both Google and Facebook to compensate the content makers, and because of this difference, a meeting of lawmakers was postponed.

Disputes over the US-EU trade talks are likely to float amid US President Donald Trump’s eagerness to extract many of the privileges of European allies.

In Greece, protesters came out on Sunday to express their opposition to an agreement reached by the government with Macedonia to agree to change the name of the latter to “North Macedonia”, in exchange for Athens’s objection to the accession of Escobar to NATO.

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