After the Iranian threat .. Netanyahu vows to Tehran

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Iran against “full consequences” after a holiday by the commander of the Iranian air force to “destroy Israel” in response to an Israeli raid on Iranian and Syrian forces in Syria.
“The Israeli air strike on Syria targeted both Iran and the Syrian forces that help it,” Netanyahu said, warning Iran that “those who threaten our destruction will bear the consequences in full.”

Iranian General Aziz Nasirzadeh said his forces were “eager to fight against Israel and ready to destroy them” in remarks just hours after Israeli planes bombed a series of Iranian military targets in Syria.

Israel said the targets included munitions storage facilities, an intelligence site and a training camp, noting that the attacks were in retaliation for a missile fired by Iranian forces into Israel on Sunday.

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For a thousand times .. Iran “ready to destroy Israel”
 Observers consider that Nasser Zadeh’s remarks come within the framework of the policy of verbal threats, which it used to launch since the eighties of the last century and does not implement them.

Iran has fired more than a thousand of these statements, following every strike targeting its positions in Syria, without turning any verbal threat into action.

Naseerzadeh’s comment was not the first of its kind. It was preceded by several threatening statements that do not deviate from the literature of the Iranian regime, which has long been enriched by its ability to destroy Israel, a populist slogan raised by Tehran only to maintain the support of its supporters without implementing it on the ground.

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A few days ago, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot revealed that his country had targeted Iranian forces in Syria with hundreds of strikes without any response from Iran.

Eisenkot told the New York Times and the Sunday Times about a “shadow war” between Israel and Iran, saying that over the past two years, he had planned and managed a number of covert operations against Iranian forces and pro-Syrian militias in Syria.


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