“Terrorism” cancels the authorization of an Iranian airline in Germany

A senior German government source told Reuters on Monday that Berlin had canceled the operating license of Iranian air carrier Mahan Air in Germany.
The source explained that this was due to “suspicion that the company is used for military and terrorist purposes,” while Berlin seeks to preserve the integrity of its territory.

The government suspects that the company, which has been on the US sanctions list since 2011, is being used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for military purposes and terrorist activities.

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Several EU countries accuse Iran of launching spies or planning attacks on the continent.

The German government source said the cancellation of the airline’s statement “does not constitute general sanctions on Iran.”

According to a report by the Züddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in its issue of Monday and the NRR and VDR networks, the German Air Office will suspend the work of Mahan Air, which operates three weekly flights between Tehran and Dusseldorf, Munich.

The EU has imposed its first sanctions on Iran since world powers reached an agreement in Vienna in 2015 with Tehran over its nuclear program.

The sanctions have been symbolic but have involved an unexpected shift in European diplomacy since the end of last year, as Washington narrowed its sanctions on Iran.

Diplomats say smaller EU countries have joined France and Britain in a tougher stance on Tehran, including considering new economic sanctions.


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