Video angry Americans .. The mother of the boy accused of “black Muslims”

According to press reports, the mother of an American boy involved in intercepting and provoking an indigenous march presented a “strange account” of what happened on Friday in Washington, DC.
A video showed young people wearing hats to “make America great again” (Trump’s electoral slogan), making fun of the march by indigenous people in honor of veteran fighters.

“Trump Teens” provoke controversy
“Trump Teens” mocking indigenous people

The mother blamed those she said were African-American (black) Muslims and claimed to have given young people a cause during the indigenous process.

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The mother insisted on defending her son despite being convicted in a statement from the secondary school he taught, adding that what the marchers did was just a reaction.

The mother wondered whether critics of American boys had heard the “obscene words” of “black Muslims” during the march.

A second video showed that a number of blacks were already close to the march, but from a Jewish group, not Muslims, as claimed by the boy’s mother.

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Commentators on the social platforms said that what happened was a manifestation of ignorance, racism and lack of respect, especially since the incident was caused by people in the middle of life.

Meanwhile, an official in charge of organizing the indigenous march explained in a press statement that he was singing until he heard youths chanting “Build the Wall,” referring to the wall that Trump wants to build on the American border with Mexico.

Trump is often accused of fueling divisions in the United States and increasing hatred of immigrants by portraying them as the cause of many of the country’s problems


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