Bilal Khreisat’s message about Somalia: Is he trying to fill the void he left behind?

Bilal Khreisat, an al-Qaeda operative in Syria, issued a religious justification for the youth group’s war against the Daash branch in Somalia. A recent letter of martyrdom by the Jihadi media.

 In this letter, Khuraisat tells the Somali youth group that it is necessary to continue fighting the loyalists of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In his words, he says this is necessary “until the path of the criminals becomes clear”.

In mid-November, she declared a waging war on al-Shabab, a branch of al-Qaeda in East Africa. The two sides clashed in the weeks that followed. But the internal jihadist conflict is not new. Al Shabaab has sought to contain an expansion that has been fueling East Africa since at least 2015.

 Khrissat’s message appears to have been made in response to al-Qaeda’s fear that some of the SPLA militants are reluctant to fight their opponents in organizing an advocate for ideological or personal reasons, some of them former comrades in armed movements.

 A letter of graces raises several questions

  • It is clear that this message is at the level of leadership, so why came from the view of al-Qaeda in Syria and not from the presumed leader Zawahri? Especially when we remember that Khreisat recently issued another statement at the leadership level claiming responsibility for the events of September 11 on behalf of al-Qaeda.

 – Is he trying to compete with Zawahiri? Otherwise, what do Khuraisat know about al-Zawahiri and which the public does not know? Is he issuing these statements because al-Zawahri is helpless or has he already died? More directly, is Khreisat trying to fill the lead vacuum left by al-Zawahiri?

 Q: Where do Khuraisat stand in the battle between the Golani and Zawahiri? Is Abu Hamam al-Shami still in charge of Al-Qaeda’s “Guardians of Religion” (who is said to be very close to the Golani)? Or is Khreisat working more independently now, especially after his Jordanian companion, Hares al-Zawahiri, was assassinated under mysterious circumstances? (Link)

  • Bilal Khreisat does not answer these questions in his latest audio release. But it is clearly still an important name for follow-up, with the collapse of al-Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere, and its attempt to get rid of al-Zawahiri’s failures and incompetence.

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