Queen Elizabeth II calls for constructive dialogue

Queen Elizabeth II called on the British to find a “platform for dialogue” among themselves. The 92-year-old Queen said: “As we look for new answers in this modern era, it is better to adopt proven recipes, such as dialogue with respect and respect for different viewpoints, In order to find a ground for dialogue and never forget that we must avoid rushing. “

“For me, these approaches are eternal, and I recommend it to everyone,” Queen Elizabeth II said in a speech to the Women’s Center. She praised the values ​​of the organization working for women, such as “patience, friendship, a strong community approach and taking into consideration the needs of others.”

Queen Elizabeth’s remarks in the United Kingdom were a reference to the tensions over the country’s March 29 exit from the European Union. In her Christmas address, the queen invited the British to show respect for one another.

“Although deep differences separate us from each other, treating others with respect, as a human being, is always a good first step,” she said in December. The Queen has a duty to hold back her political views and therefore remain neutral on political issues in the country. Her Christmas address, which was not targeted by the government in contrast to her other interventions, is one of the rare occasions when the Queen expresses her personal views.


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