«US Government Closure» Between bargaining and declaring a state of emergency

The United States is entering its 34th day of government closures in the country’s institutions, the first in terms of the length of the closure in the history of American rulers.

In the face of this situation, President Donald Trump wanted to resolve the crisis in a “bargaining” way, and his Republican Party submitted a request to the Senate to pay a sum of money to build the border wall with Mexico in return for ending the closure, as a preliminary agreement.

But the wind came in what the ships did not want. His “strange” request was rejected by the council and its president, Nancy Pelosi, who commented on the request as an unreasonable agreement and request, and even prevented Trump from delivering the State of the Union address until the end of the government closure , To be able to broadcast his speech in the House of Representatives, which was scheduled for the 29th of this month.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Trump did not specify the amount he asked for, but White House consultant Kiliani Conway said the figure was expected to reach $ 5.7 billion, out of the total.

“Despite the Senate’s rejection, we have done very well,” Trump said, adding that he would not be happy to end the government closure without reaching an agreement on the wall with Mexico. “There are many other options for building the wall,” Trump said. With Mexico, and that many want the wall with Mexico, including the US military, describing the southern migration of the United States as an invasion of our country ».

On the other hand, several US media reported citing internal documents that the White House is preparing an emergency declaration issued by the president as a way to bypass Congress if lawmakers do not agree to finance a wall on the southern border of the country, but Trump advisers are divided on this issue, About a week ago, the draft ad was updated.

“A large number of foreigners enter the United States illegally every day, which threatens the safety and security of the nation and constitutes a national emergency. So I, Donald Trump, under the authority vested in me by the Constitution, According to US laws, a national emergency has been declared on the southern border. “

This state of emergency allows the White House to receive $ 681 million from the Treasury Department, $ 3.6 billion from project funding in the military sector, $ 3 billion from the budget allocated to civil works in Congress, and $ 200 million from the Interior Ministry budget.

The United States has been in a state of closure since last month after Democrats in the House of Representatives refused to approve the federal budget for next year, which includes a huge budget to finance the construction of a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, insists Trump, while opposed by many and Their heads are Democrats.


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