Britons call for apology after Bricket calls “nonsense”

A number of conservative Britons are demanding French President Emmanuel Macaron to apologize for his remarks in which he attacked the EU exit referendum, which was held in 2016.

According to a report by the Daily Mail on Friday (January 25th), Macaron said he was speaking to a number of French at a conference near Lyon, where he believes that among the attendees are a group of activists in the “Yellow Jackets” Wide in France during the last period, which demanded some of its members France to leave the European Union in turn, – according to the British newspaper -.

“Take what happened in Britain as an example. There was a group of angry, determined people like you who wanted a better life. Others convinced them that getting out of the EU is the solution to all their problems and that this is the cause of all the suffering,” McCron said in his speech. “This is nonsense”.”

Macron said those who encouraged Britons to vote yes were selling them dreams, saying the exit deal would take 15 days, buses were on the streets with posters indicating that ordinary people would get millions in money once the exit agreement was made.

“Now, do you think that the referendum was a good thing?” Of course not, because it divided the British community by promoting a lot of fake information rather than allowing the circulation of correct and transparent information about the fact of leaving the union. European Union »

In a statement to the British newspaper, a number of British MPs criticized McCron’s statements demanding his apology, stressing that the French president must realize that what happened, came through a democratic process to implement the desire of the British, and that he should pay attention to his country’s internal affairs.


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