Special The French Senate: Relations with Egypt were bad in the era of the Muslim Brotherhood

French President Emmanuel Makron will start a three-day visit to Egypt on Tuesday, where Catherine Morin Dossay, chairwoman of the Senate cultural committee and French-Egyptian friendship group, will travel with him.

Catherine Moran said in a special statement to “Bawaba Akhbar Al Youm” that the Egyptian-French relations are very old and deep, and have witnessed a divergence during the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist to power.

“After that, relations usually followed the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially after the adoption of the constitution and the election of the parliament. Since then, relations and exchange of visits have been resumed. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visited Paris twice, and we went to meet him in Cairo several times. Ministers and politicians in both countries. “

Regarding economic and security cooperation, the head of the Senate cultural committee and the head of the Franco-Egyptian friendship group said: “This terrorism is done through joint cooperation. The economic aspect is through French companies operating in Egypt in a number of fields, We participate in the educational aspects, but I am concerned about the decision to prevent language classes. Those schools are currently talking to us. French and Francophone are not just language but human values. In Europe we work to learn 3 or 4 languages So he can face the The wig, and when we learn the language of their culture .. open up I am happy Egypt a year in France and vice versa, where this will allow us to take advantage of cultural exchange of different cultures. “

“It is President Macaron who sets the goals of the visit and we do not forget that we have a strategic partnership with Egypt. Egypt plays a big role in Africa. It is now the president of the African Union. It also has a big role in terms of developing the continent,” said Catherine Moran Dossay. Africa, and President McCron launched the Africa 2020 initiative aimed at strengthening all countries of the continent. “

“We are keen on stabilizing Egypt because it is located in a sensitive area in the Middle East. It is on the borders of Libya and near Israel, and for these and other reasons we must maintain strong relations between the two countries and continue the dialogue.”

“This time we travel with President Macaron to Cairo, because he is keen on bilateral cooperation between the two parliaments. I remember three years ago when I visited Cairo with the President of the Senate, Gerard Larashia, we were asked to help the Egyptian parliamentarians to train on decentralization, The time we were in France was decentralized. “

 “I headed a delegation from the Senate, and last year we visited Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor. We found a country in a state of growth and we met with the politicians there. I saw that they were seeking to develop and renew the economic and financial system. We were asked to encourage French companies to invest in Egypt. , So we have prepared a seminar in Business France, where we have motivated French companies to work in Egypt .. I am happy to represent the Copts and people with special needs in the Egyptian parliament. “


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