Germany announces its support to the President of the Venezuelan Parliament

German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas said his country supports Venezuelan parliament speaker Juan Guido, who has declared himself president.

“We are not neutral in this matter,” Mas said in an exclusive interview with the Deutsche Welle website on the sidelines of his visit to the UN headquarters in Washington. “We support what Guido does there.”

He added that the reason for this was that Germany had major problems in recognizing the re-election of Nicolas Maduro as president. “It was clear that there were so many violations of the electoral law that it is difficult to talk about democratic elections there,” he said. “The German government therefore supports the holding of new elections.

Juan Javedo, the Venezuelan parliament speaker and opposition leader, declared himself January 23 as “acting president” to thousands of his supporters in the capital, Caracas, resulting in clashes between security forces and opposition supporters in the capital.


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