Lebanese newspapers: The coming days will be crucial to the process of forming a government

The Lebanese newspapers published on Friday, January 25, that the next few days, until the end of January, will be critical to the process of forming the new government of the country, which has been in a government vacuum for eight months now, noting that if the inability to form the government, The closest trend would be to activate the existing caretaker government.

The Lebanese press pointed out that there are serious fears that the failure of the momentum and the recent momentum witnessed by the process of government formation after the end of the Arab Economic Summit held in Beirut, the Lebanese go to a long disruption measured months.

Al-Nahar newspaper said that the early days of next week will bear a detailed character in relation to the crisis of forming the government, pointing out that “there is no reassuring data that the birth of the government will come after the process of authorship entered its ninth month.”

The newspaper wondered whether the crises inside Lebanon alone form the strongest compressor to rush out of the crisis of authorship, and to face the economic, financial and social repercussions left by a period of heavy political engagements led to delaying the birth of the government and putting the country in grave danger at various levels.

The newspaper pointed out that the “closest to reality” seems to be the re-activation of the caretaker government and the return of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to “maintain in the public Serail after the lifting of responsibility for himself and expose the disabled .. The apology for non-author does not seem to be included in his options” .

For its part, the newspaper (Republic) reported that the ongoing contacts in the formation of the government, has not yet resulted in any practical result, pointing to the existence of information that the government formula nominated for understanding is the government of the three dozen (the government of the three major poles without the possession of any third party disabled ).

The sources quoted the sources as saying that “the atmosphere is ambiguous. In fact, there is optimism. In fact, there are no steps or indications of a new translation of this optimism.” The sources believe that the government’s authorship has not yet emerged from the circle of pessimism, Serious fears that if the government does not form in these few days of the month, the country will go into a long disruption not measured in days, weeks, even months.

For his part, informed political sources told the newspaper (Al-Lewaa) that the short family visit by Hariri to Paris does not mean stopping the momentum of the recent surge in the file of forming the government or the presence of new factors occurred and completed this rush.

The sources pointed out to the newspaper that the ministerial representation complex for the six deputies of the March 8 Forces has not yet been manipulated, as the negotiations focus on the name of the minister who will represent these deputies and his position within the Council of Ministers.

For its part, Al-Akhbar quoted sources that it described as saying, stressing that all the rumors of optimism “are not based on any new elements, and therefore this means that the solution is still far away.”

“Some began to market the government to the outcome of the Warsaw Conference on February 13 against Iran at one time and the Israeli elections on March 17,” said the newspaper, close to the US secretary of state.

The newspaper quoted a source in the forces of the eighth of March, describing the movements on the government line as “a deception described, calling to stop people’s guess that the government is close, and that there are consultations on it, in fact indicates that the swing is the lady of the situation.” According to the newspaper.

Saad Hariri was appointed on May 24 last year to reshape the new government in the wake of the parliamentary elections. However, differences between the political parties over the ministerial quotas and the size and quality of the portfolios impede the completion of the government’s composition. The political (Hezbollah’s allies) as well as the desire of some political forces – in the recent period – to conduct an exchange of ministerial portfolios contained in their respective ministerial quotas.


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