Turkey arrests a woman suspected of attacking the US consulate in Istanbul four years ago

Turkish security forces on Saturday (February 2nd) arrested a woman suspected of carrying out an armed attack on the US consulate in Istanbul nearly four years ago, the Istanbul governor’s office said.

The office added that Htage Kellig, a member of an extreme left-wing group, had been arrested in the Avgilar region of Istanbul during a joint intelligence and counter-terrorism operation.

Two women shot at the consulate building in August 2015, and one was arrested at the time, but Qilij has since fled despite a reward of 1.5 million lira ($ 290,000) for information leading to her arrest.

The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), considered by the United States and Turkey as a terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the United States was the “arch enemy” of the Middle East and the world.


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