Omar Khairat meets his audience at the Opera House .. next March

The musician, Omar Khairat, meets his audience at the Egyptian Opera House in March with two concerts on 3 and 4 on the big stage.

The Opera offers 3 categories of tickets for the first concert in the category of 350 pounds, the second with 600 pounds and the third with 800 pounds. The reservation will be made through the website of the Opera House.

Omar Khairat is scheduled to perform a selection of his own compositions, including: “Al Gharfa”, “Perfumed Wonders”, “The Conscience of Abla Hikmat”, “Am Ahmed”, “Al Khawaja Abdul Qader”, “Al Bakhil Waana”, “100 Years of Cinema” “The Face of the Moon”, “The Night of the Arrest of Fatima”, “Hoyd Al-Layl”, “The Neighbors of Our God”, “Oops, O Law,” “Mafia,” “Know Your Mind,” “

Omar Khairat has staged a concert for the first time in days at Al Maraya Theater in Al-Ola Governorate, Saudi Arabia, as part of the Tantoura Winter Festival, which kicked off on 20 December 2018.


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