«Aboul Gheit» discusses with the UN envoy ways to resolve the crisis in Libya

 The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, met with the UN Envoy to Libya Dr. Ghassan Salama in Cairo on Saturday (February 2nd) to resolve the Libyan crisis to reach an integrated settlement of the status quo. .

The Spokesman for the Secretary-General Ambassador Mahmoud Afifi said that Aboul Gheit and Salama agreed on the importance of continuing the efforts to build confidence between the Libyan parties and encourage them to overcome their differences and agree on the steps, procedures and rules necessary to organize the remaining benefits according to the general framework of the Libyan political agreement signed in Skhirat, It preserves the unity and integrity of the Libyan state and leads to the unification of its institutions and the end of the transitional period it is going through.

The Spokesman added that Aboul Gheit renewed on this occasion the support and support of the Arab League for the UN plan of action and the political path sponsored by the UN envoy to reach a Libyan-Libyan agreement exclusively to end the political blockage and divide in the country and culminate in holding presidential and legislative elections on sound constitutional bases. Which will lead to it.

Aboul Gheit reiterated the necessity of reaching a radical, comprehensive and lasting solution to the problem of armed militias operating outside the authority of the state and posing a threat to the safety and sovereignty of the Libyan state. Without it, it will not be possible to achieve the desired progress on the political track and stabilize security and stability throughout the country. And to ensure the successful completion of the expected constitutional and electoral entitlements.

Aboul Gheit and Salama agreed on the importance of continuing the cooperation and coordination between the Arab League and the United Nations and its support delegation in Libya in the coming period and expressed their hope to continue this joint work within the framework of the Quartet concerned with Libya, Its next meeting is being arranged in the context of institutional consultation among the four organizations under the umbrella of this mechanism.


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