Queensland is facing strong floods and heavy rains

Floods in part of Queensland are expected to intensify in eastern Australia, where the country’s meteorological office warned Saturday of more heavy rain in the region.

A spokesman for the Meteorological Bureau said some residents had already been evacuated after days of monsoon rains that hit the area around Townsville, a coastal city in the north of the state.

Adam Blazak, an airport forecaster, did not specify the number of evacuees, but added that some areas had reached “high” flood levels.

“This seasonal rush usually lasts for a few days, but this flood has been going on for over a week and is expected to last a few more days as well,” he said.

The rainfall is expected to range from 150 to 200 millimeters across Townsville on Saturday, equivalent to the average rainfall per month.

Local authorities issued a number of flood warnings on Saturday morning, urging residents to avoid using roads and thinking of moving to higher areas if conditions deteriorate.

By contrast, firefighters said forest fires in the southern state of Tasmania had more than 46,208 acres of land.

The fire department in Tasmania said in a statement on Friday that about 600 people were working to contain the fires, which have been raging for weeks and destroyed some houses.

Australia saw its hottest months ever in January, and these harsh conditions are expected to continue until April. This hot weather led to power cuts in some areas and also led to higher electricity prices.


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