Trump escalates attacks on Pelosi for opposing funding of the border wall

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump has stepped up attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying it is “very bad for our country” and “not against human trafficking” because it rejects a long-promised wall on the US-Mexico border.

The Republican president also said there was “a good chance” to continue his earlier threats to bypass Congress and declare a state of emergency at the national level to obtain funding for the wall.

Trump is known for his personal attacks on critics and political opponents and made his comments a week after agreeing to end a 35-day partial closure of the government without the $ 5.7 billion he had asked Congress to help build the wall.

He considered his retreat a political victory for Pelosi, who became speaker of the House last month when Democrats took control of the House of Representatives from Republicans.

In an interview with CBS News, Trump Pelosi described it as “very stubborn” and said it was trying to “gain a political point” by opposing its demands for funding the wall.

Trump said the wall was necessary to curb illegal immigration and drug trafficking, while Pelosi described the wall as costly, inefficient and immoral.

The construction of the wall was one of Trump’s promises during his campaign in 2016 and he repeatedly said Mexico would pay for the wall.

The Democrats’ control of the House of Representatives, even though the Republican majority remains in the Senate, threatens Trump’s legislative goals, including funding the Wall.

“I think it’s very bad for our country … It basically wants open borders,” Trump said when asked what he learned in his negotiations with Pelosi.


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