The Arab Alliance launches raids on the Houthi militia in Hajjah province

Al-Houthi militias targeted a coalition of al-Houthi militia in Yemen’s al-Houthi militia.

According to the official website of the Yemeni army, according to the channel “Arab” Saturday morning, that a number of Houthis were killed in raids on the provinces of Hajor and Kushar, in addition to the destruction of a number of their crews, stressing that the Houthi groups were besieging the citizens of the tribes of Hajor.

The tribes of Hjour fought fierce battles against the militias, which besiege the Directorate, and continue to mobilize elements and mechanisms to the vicinity, in conjunction with heavy artillery shelling of homes of citizens, and managed the tribes of Hajor, on Friday evening, to control one of the important sites after heavy fighting with the Houthis, Field.

The fighters were able to defeat the rebels from the stronghold of the Mansoura strategic fortress in the Directorate of Kushar north of the province of Hajjah after the deaths and wounded among the coup.

And a number of tribes in the province of Hajjah, including the tribes of Jibhan, and the Muslims and the people of Kedis, to support the tribes of Hajor, all forming a defensive cordon impervious to the Directorate and its surroundings, according to local sources.

The tribes repulsed attacks on the militias in the direction of al-Darb and Riban, in the southeast of the Directorate, and caused heavy losses in equipment and lives, amid a mass flight of its elements.

In a related context, the Houthi militia closed the British “Sever World” in Sanaa after the abduction of two of its officials after the storming of her office and the confiscation of computers and documents.

Yemeni sources considered that the closure of the Huthis organization reflected the dangerous conditions in which the organizations operate in areas controlled by militias. Yemeni Information Minister Muammar al-Iryani condemned the kidnapping crime committed by the so-called “Preventive Security Services of the militias.”

The international community and the Special Envoy of Yemen called for a clear condemnation of the terrorist crime and pressure on the Huthi militias to speed up the release of all the abductees.


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