Fire in the Netherlands: Police arrest suspect in shooting in Utrecht

A gunman fired at a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, killing three people and wounding five, officials said.

Police said they arrested the suspect.

The authorities were looking for a 37-year-old Turkish man, Gokman Tanash, and warned citizens not to approach him if he saw him.

Schools have been closed and security has tightened in many areas.

It is reported that the anti-terrorism police said evidence indicates that what happened was a “terrorist attack”.

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“There is a possibility that more than one person is behind the operation,” Dutch anti-terrorism coordinator Per Yap Birbersberg said, noting that the picture was not entirely clear.

He pointed out that the shooting took place in several locations.

Prime Minister Mark Ruti said the incident called for “serious concern,” adding that “any terrorist act is an attack on civilization and the society of openness and tolerance.”

Raising the risk index to the highest level temporarily in Utrecht province.

Image caption
Police say the gunman is still at large
It is reported that the security service has requested the University of Utrecht Medical Center to open the emergency center to receive cases, and that the university has closed all buildings and prevented entry and exit.

The trains were prevented from entering the central train station, and all mosques in the city were closed in anticipation of any possibility.

The incident occurred shortly before 11 am and three helicopters were sent to the scene.

Armed security men gathered near the scene of the attack on the spot. The police asked the citizens to provide them with any pictures in their possession.

Police also stepped up security at airports across the Netherlands.

“A man started shooting madly,” an eyewitness told the Dutch news agency. Another told local radio station NOS that he saw a wounded woman and blood on her hands and clothes.

He said he sat in his vehicle and gave her help, noting that she was unconscious when police arrived.


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