New Zealand attack: heroic stories occurred during the attack on the mosques

Heroic stories emerged during the attacks on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 50 people.

A 48-year-old Afghan said he confronted the gunman and threw a credit card machine at him.

Two local policemen, one with a pistol only, Brenton Tarant, 28, who was accused of the attack and was arrested, were also arrested.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardran said the gunman, who was carrying explosives in his car, planned to carry out more than one attack on the same day.

Ardren described the attack earlier as a “terrorist act”.

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A memorial ceremony was held for the victims, while authorities said all the bodies would be handed over to relatives for burial on Wednesday.

At least 34 people remain hospitalized, including a four-year-old girl in critical condition.

Source AFP
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Abdel Aziz said he had tracked down the gunman and threw a credit card machine at him
Abdul Aziz, who left Kabul and traveled to New Zealand years ago, said he was inside the Linwood Mosque, the second target of the attacker, when he heard shouts that someone had opened fire.

When he realized that the mosque was under attack, he picked up a credit card machine and rushed towards the armed attacker, and threw it at him when he returned to his car to get a weapon, and was able to dodge between cars when the gunman opened fire.

Abdul Aziz, who was in the mosque with his four children, picked up a gun that the suspect had thrown and prepared to shoot, but it had run out of shots. The attacker was tracked back inside the mosque, where he faced him.

“When the attacker saw him with a rifle, he threw his gun and fled towards his car, followed by (Abdel Aziz), sat in his car and threw the gun at the window of the car,” Abdul Aziz told Reuters news agency.

“The death toll would have been greater in the mosque if Abdul Aziz, whom he described as not afraid of confronting the gunman, did not act as he did,” Latif al-Ali, the acting imam of the mosque, told the Associated Press.

Two local police officers nearby were able to track down the attacker, intercepting his car and arresting him. Eyewitness photos and posted video on social media.

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“The two officers put New Zealand first,” Ardenne said on Saturday, adding that they would honor their grievances.

The attacker, who described himself as a supporter of the idea of ​​supremacy of the white race, first targeted the mosque of the light during the gathering of worshipers for Friday prayers, and broadcast a video of the attacks on Facebook.

The video showed Naim Rashid, a 50-year-old from Abbottabad, Pakistan, trying to confront the gunman before being shot. He was taken to hospital but died later.

Image caption
Picture of “Naim Rashid” and his son Talha four years ago
His brother Khurshid Allam told the BBC: “Witnesses said he saved the lives of a number of people by trying to deal with the man (the attacker), it’s a pride now and a loss at the same time.

Talha, a 21-year-old son of Rashid, who started a new job and was preparing to marry soon, was also killed according to his friends. The family has been living in New Zealand since 2010.

Hassan Ara, 42, was reportedly in the women’s prayer hall at Al-Nour mosque when she heard the sound of gunfire and was killed while she was searching for her husband, Farid al-Din, who was sitting on his wheelchair in the men’s chapel.

Source image BBC SPORT
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A map showing where the attack took place
Farid al-Din told the BBC that she had helped a number of women and children escape from the building during the attack: “We are proud of what she did, because she died because of a noble person, she did what she loved and did not love exactly.”

“I have lost my wife, but I do not hate the murderer, as a man I love, forgive him, pray for him.”

The police arrived at the mosque six minutes after receiving an emergency call. The attack killed 41 people. Police chief Mike Bush said police arrested the gunman in 36 minutes.

Image source RONALD GRANT
Image caption
The main suspect in the New Zealand attack appeared in front of the court wearing white prison clothes
Brenton Tarant, 28, appeared before the court on Saturday, dressed in white prison garb and hands in restraints, smiling at the photographers, amid expectations that he would face more charges.

Tarant is the only person charged with the shooting, and is believed to have carried out the operation alone, according to the police chief.


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